Welcome to iChurches.org, a place where you can create a free website for your church and represent!

How to begin

Beginning is easy, submit some initial settings to us and we'll do a manual check just to make sure everything is correct.

We'll then set up your very own personal website which you will be able to edit.

FREE Features

  • Free (you can donate if you feel led to) website hosting with Content Management Website already installed.
  • Simple platform that does most of the complex background work so you can focus on posting content.
  • Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) Protection thanks to CloudFlare so that your site will stay running.
  • HTTPS support so your visitors will have encrypted access to your church website
  • Always Online from Cloudflare which keeps your static content online even if our core servers go down (rare / improbable)
  • Speedy performance optimizations using Cloudflare caching and internal CMS caching
  • Worry free backups of your website
  • Multiple server hosting (your site will be replicated to our growing network of servers for redundancy and protection)
  • Our team will continuously make things better free of charge!


  • No hate/violence/abuse speech (we don't limit your quotes from the Word of God but please stay as factual as possible to avoid being accused of hate speech)
  • No pornographic material whatsoever (this is a Christian website hosting)
  • If you are not sure what may be considered offensive, please contact us before posting to avoid temporary or permanent disabling of your church website.